Tyre repair

Tyre Repair

How can I tell if my automobile tyre has a puncture?

Tyre change also provide a tyre repair facility. If you think you may have a puncture but your tyre is not quite flat, there are a few symptoms to watch out for:
Steering may become challenging; this is typically caused by the tire’s slow deflation as a result of a slow puncture.
When driving, the car could feel shaky or unsteady.
Depending on which side the puncture is on, the car may veer to the left or the right.
If the tyre has a nail or screw in it, this will likely make contact with the road when the tyres rotate, making a ticking noise.

Puncture repair in satwa
Puncture repair in satwa

Does it’s safe to Tyre Repair?

For a puncture repair we will take care of complete safely. There are a number of guidelines established by the British Standard BS AU 159 that must be followed. They set restrictions on where, how big, and how many tyre repairs are permitted. We will only patch a puncture that occurred in the “minor repair area,” which is the centre third of the tyre, in order to comply with these instructions and follow the safety regulations. We cannot fix this section securely since it is too close to the sidewall if the tyre suffers a puncture anywhere else on the tyre. Furthermore, regardless of whether the puncture is in a safe area or not, if it is larger than 6mm in diameter, we are unable to repair it because the damage is too severe.
The British Tyre Manufacturers Association (BTMA), which represents the tyre manufacturing industry in the UK, collaborates with Tyresafe.org, a group that actively promotes road safety, and as a result, the BTMA expects tyre technicians to follow the British Standard when performing puncture repairs.
Therefore, we will not perform a “string” repair here at National Tires. In a string repair, the puncture is patche up from the outside of the tyre. Since, the technician will not be able to examine the interior tyre damage due to the puncture. This is  dangerous and is against British Standard.

Do I have a fixable tyre repair?

The location of the puncture, the object that cause it, the type of puncture, the state of the tire. The speed rating will all play a significant role in this.
Only small punctures (less than 6 mm in diameter) in the centre third of the tyre can repaire. Any other puncture is dangerous because it is too close to the sidewall.
The object that caused the tyre puncture as well as the tyre’s overall condition are additional considerations. The puncture might be repairable if it was cause due to a small object, like a nail or screw. Tt was in the middle third of the tire.
However, cannot be safely repaire if it exhibits sidewall damage, which can bead wire that is visible. The rubber is deforme and cracking. Furthermore, you have to repalace the tyre.

Any tyre rated “V” or higher may only have one puncture repaired over the course of the tire’s lifetime.